About our Pigs

Our hog herd consists mainly of Duroc Hogs with some Hampshire Hogs and some Duroc/Hampshire cross. Our pigs are fed a grain mixture from a local feed store that is not medicated. NO antibiotics or growth hormones are ever fed to our hogs. The hog feed is sometimes supplemented with excess organically grown garden produce, but nothing else.

The pigs are raised humanely in open pens with access to the outside. The sows farrow in their own stall or in individual houses where they have the ability to walk around and go outside. No farrowing crates are used. This helps keep the sows more placid and easier to manage.
When the hogs reach marketable size, they are taken to J & D Meat Processors in Greenwood, Arkansas. Here they are processed and stored in cold storage for several days prior to cutting them up to the customers specification. No water or other liquids are injected into the meat. Then they are packaged and frozen before being released to the customer.

Duroc hogs are a red pig that has drooping ears. Their color can vary from a yellowish red to a dark almost mahogany red. They are the second most recorded breed in the United States and are known for their red color, quick growth, deep body and broad hams and shoulders. Their meat is a dark red color with some marbling. This gives the meat a delicious, juicy taste.

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